Why self-portraits?

When the pandemic started, I was in Thailand, no one knew exactly what it was. My family insisted for me to get back home which I refused since I wanted to go to Thailand for so long and still had lot to do . At this point, the virus was spreading all over Asia.

I managed to get home at the end of February. Within a month time, Italy went into lock down, then Spain, France, and finally the UK.

I had the chance to work from home for a while, which means that I have been isolating myself since the 12th of March already.

The first week or two I took it in a fun way, because we’re all in the same situation so it’s okay. I skyped my friends and family, had drinks with them and spent long hours having those virtual meetings.

All of a sudden, no more sales ( as a travel agent, that becomes a problem). Because no more flights, meaning that the only work I had for some days was to cancel trips. Once most trips were cancelled or postponed, I discovered the meaning of a new word “furlough”.

At this point it stopped being funny. Already a full month I’m isolating, I went shopping twice and not been out for anything else. I was spending more time home in a day than anywhere else I have been travelling to. That really affected my mood and mental health.

I decided that I should mark this historical event, but how? How will I remember that period? The feelings and emotions? Self-portrait hasn't been my first idea. But eventually, after having taken hundreds of photos of the plants and diverse objects at home, I wanted a bit of a change. So, one day I took a picture of myself and from that I haven’t stopped. Every day was a different emotion and situation in my mind, so I tried to translate them in still images. Some are shocking, some are funny, some are ridiculous. But all of them reflect the situation and emotion I was in when I took them.

By taking all those pictures, and most of the time laughing at myself, I realized it had a great effect on me. Making me super creative, focused and motivated. I have redone my website exactly the way I always wanted; I had a web radio interview for the same work. An online exhibition is on it's way with one of my favourite photo, I have sold photos in the US and Australia and already pre-sold books in Colombia, Australia, Chile, Switzerland...

In the end, I took a good lesson from this situation, I could just be a victim of it or I could use this time wisely for things that matter to me. I could stay in bed the whole day scrolling social medias, or be productive and start something new. That’s what I did and I’m proud of what I have done. I will leave a mark for myself about these crazy times in my very own way, which is exactly what I wanted. In the end this quarantine has been in a way, a positive thing for me.